Julie Shannon - Director of Operations

Registered with: UKCP


Main Working Model:
Existential Psychotherapy strives to empower you and place you and your life choices at the centre of the therapeutic process. Whilst I do include some psychodynamic, schema and attachment based and cognitive behavioural approaches, I fundamentally work relationally and phenomenologically, which means that the therapeutic relationship and your own subjective experience is of primary importance.
How I work:
Therapy is a safe and confidential space to gain some clarity, to reflect on who you are, your relationships with others and to experience empathy, understanding, acceptance and encouragement. I will work with you to forge a strong collaborative relationship in order that we create a secure environment together. I work phenomenologically, which simply means that I am seeking to understand your subjective and perceptual experience in order that we can find a way forward. I have a strong belief in the possibility that everybody has the potential for growth and change.