The gift of your time is very precious to us. Volunteers are needed in every department and make a valuable contribution to the smooth running of the organisation, keeping costs down and bringing a multitude of skills and experience. 

About half the number of people working at Burrswood Health and Wellbeing are volunteers. The time they offer can be as little as a couple of hours per month through to a couple of days per week.  

Volunteers come at many different stages of life offering a variety of interests, skills and experience but are not always sure of how they might help.   We have a wide variety of roles and we  can nearly always find something to suit!  In return, we know that our volunteers enjoy both contributing to the special healing ministry that is found at Burrswood, and belonging to a very special ‘family’.

Our volunteers are involved in:
•    providing a warm welcome for our patients, guests and visitors
•    supporting the chaplaincy team 
•    assisting in the bookshop 
•    providing activities for guests and patients
•    helping to serve in Burrswood's café
•    arranging flowers 
•    gardening 
•    supporting the estates team with general maintenance 
•    providing administrative support in various departments 
•    working in the Crowborough charity shop

For further information please contact Haritha on 01892 865978 or email haritha.pattabhi@burrswood.org.uk with your CV and application form.

Paul – Volunteer Administrative Assistant, Burrswood Health & Wellbeing

After retiring from full-time work 12 years ago l thought it would help alleviate some of my boredom if I took on a bit of voluntary work. The roles I was considering weren’t exactly my thing: car park attendant and an elf (it was Christmas time)!

But fortunately l came across Burrswood Health and Wellbeing and (more by accident than design) began working in the Counselling Department in January this year, assisting with administration. At Burrswood I have been able to use the skills I gained working for many years as a facilities manager at Royal Bank of Scotland and have implemented new systems in the Counselling Department that have benefited my colleagues.

I initially started working for one day a week and have enjoyed my time at Burrswood so much that I have now increased to two. I find it rewarding to be around a team of professionals who do so much to help patients going through a difficult phase of their lives. 

Julie Shannon, head of the Counselling Department, says my help has been “invaluable” and that my “lively personality” has brought “life into the team”. From my perspective, the role has given me a new sense of purpose that has benefited my own health and wellbeing.