Leave a gift in your Will

By leaving a gift to Burrswood in your Will (known as a legacy) you can make sure that our life transforming work can continue into the future.

Legacies are a vitally important source of funds. Many people leave a legacy to Burrswood in gratitude for the care they have received, or because they want to leave something of lasting value behind for future generations.

The generosity of previous gifts has helped us to develop our services and improve our facilities, enabling us to provide quality care to 21st century standards. Through legacies we have built a new wing, bought essential equipment, refurbished the hydrotherapy pool and been able to offer care to many more people.

Why make a Will?
Making a Will gives you peace of mind, as you decide precisely what will happen to your assets. Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign; if you do not make one, the law prescribes how your assets will be divided, which may not be what you would have wished.

What type of gift?
This should be discussed with your solicitor, but the most common ways of making a gift to a charity by Will are:

  • a pecuniary legacy – that is, the gift of a specific cash sum; or
  • a residuary gift –that is, the gift of either the whole, or a percentage part, of your residuary estate after specific bequests.

Why make a legacy in favour of Burrswood?
A gift to Burrswood will help us to improve our facilities and offer care to more people. Any gift to a charity such as Burrswood is completely exempt from inheritance tax.

‘In Memoriam’ gifts
When making your Will, you may wish to write a note to your family or executors to the effect that donations to Burrswood in your memory would be greatly appreciated instead of flowers. Thank you so much for considering this most generous way of helping us.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a gift to Burrswood in your Will please contact Rebecca Homewood, rebecca.homewood@burrswood.org.uk

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