The Church

Our beautiful Church of Christ the Healer was constructed in response to a vision received by Dorothy Kerin, and is the only church in the Anglican Communion built and dedicated specifically for the ministry of healing. 

It is integral to the main building with easy wheelchair access, sound amplification and a loop system.  Although it is an Anglican Church, we welcome people from all Christian Churches to share in our worship and Holy Communion, and all are welcome to our services. 

There is a pattern of daily worship, including the Eucharist, and services can be heard broadcast in the reablement unit bedrooms if desired.  Ministry, including Holy Communion, is offered to patients in their rooms when requested.

Altar Book

An intercessions book, kept on the altar of the Church of Christ the Healer, contains the names of all for whom daily prayer has been asked, and we lift those people to God daily during our times of worship. 

The Breakthrough Cross

This cross is a daily reminder to us of the breakthrough of the Risen Lord Jesus into the lives of so many who come here.  It was completed in 1966 by the sculptress Ophelia Gordon-Bell.  It stands on the roof of the Lady Chapel at the Church of Christ the Healer and is made of cast aluminium and pieces of discarded scrap metal, to symbolise both the broken, confused and sinful mess in our hearts, and the power of the love of God to redeem it.  It is a sign, as the sculptor herself said, ‘that the light is stronger than the darkness’.

Weekly Services


Christian Mindfulness: Making Space for God

Practical teaching and guidance, followed by a time of quiet together. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience necessary. This takes place in the Lady Chapel, Church of Christ the Healer from 3pm to 4pm every Thursday.
For further information contact Revd Dr Steven Underdown at Burrswood,  01892 863637, ext 2364

Monthly Services

There is a celebration of Roman Catholic Mass on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 4.30pm 
There is a service for those with dementia and their carers on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 2.30pm.

Dementia Service

The Healing Service

Healing services are held on Thursdays at 11.30am and Saturdays at 3.00pm

All Christian worship and prayer can be used by God for our healing. At Burrswood our daily services  emphasise God’s reconciling and healing love. On two days each week we also hold specific services of healing prayer with the laying-on of hands for any who would like to come, as well as for our patients and guests.
To arrange group visits please call our chaplaincy department on 01892 863637 x2364.
What happens at a Healing Service? Expect space to receive God’s word spoken to you through a Bible reading and a short address. Expect your heart to be touched through music and silence and beauty. Expect to receive the forgiveness of God for you as the words of absolution follow the confession. If you find your emotions touched, do not feel that you have to keep them in check, because our feelings are precious and important. During the service you will have the opportunity to come forward to the rail to receive the laying-on of hands and to be prayed for individually. If you are unable to come forward, please remain seated and we will come to you. If you would like to receive the laying-on of hands for someone else, simply mention their Christian name to the minister before you receive prayer. The ministers at the service are not 'healers' in themselves – there is only one healer, after whom our Church is named – Christ the Healer.

What about afterwards? After the service, ministers are available if you need a short further time, and of course you are welcome to come to services as often as you wish, knowing that God will bless you in different ways and through different things on different occasions.

This is our prayer for you:
May the healing mercies of the risen Lord Jesus enter your whole being, heal you from all that harms you and fill you with his love, his joy and his peace. May God bless you as you continue to walk in the way of his healing.

To contact the Chaplaincy department please call them on 01892 863637 x 2364, or email

Quiet Days

Spiritual Wellbeing Events


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