Spiritual Accompaniment

What is Spiritual Accompaniment?

Spiritual Accompaniment is an ancient ministry that is also known as Spiritual Direction or even Soul Friendship. For centuries people have sought out another to accompany them.  It is an arranged time set aside to meet with someone qualified to accompany you on your spiritual journey, to pray, to listen together and to create a ‘sacred space’ in which you feel safe simply to ‘be.’

A Spiritual Accompanier will walk alongside you and help you in finding clarity for some of life’s situations. Together you seek to sense the presence of God which would hopefully lead you to a place of peace and hope. You may explore prayer either in a simple way, or more creative ways which will enhance your spiritual life.

There are no expectations and certainly no judgement in this ‘sacred space’ – it is a safe, listening, discerning and accepting space. Your ‘accompanier’ will support you in discerning the activity of God in your life.

How often you choose to see a Spiritual Accompanier is up to you. You may have a one off session to help with an immediate issue or you may wish to have regular sessions – the regularity of these varies, once you find the right person to be your accompanier you can set a rhythm that works best for you.

At Burrswood we offer Spiritual Accompaniment with several people who have gone through the necessary safeguarding checks, to ensure your safety, confidentiality, health and wellbeing. Having Spiritual Accompaniment at Burrswood also enables you to benefit from the beautiful surroundings, allowing you time before or after your session to reflect – maybe having a walk or taking the time to have a cuppa or even lunch in our lovely café.

A one hour session will cost £40.

Please call Rev'd Steven Underdown on 01892 863637 or our reservations team on 01892 865988. 


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