Christian Mindfulness

Everyone is welcome!
Rev'd Dr Steven Underdown offers Christian Mindfulness in the following ways:

Thursdays 3pm - 4pm
Drop in sessions where everyone is welcome 

Christian Mindfulness Workshops
On the last Saturday of every month 10.00am - 12.30pm
Join us for simple, practical guidance on a number of mindfulness practices. An opportunity for fellowship and a chance to learn together.
£15 suggested donation

"The Mindfulness meditation session I attended during my stay was fabulous.  I have done several mindfulness courses and have gained a great deal from them.  However, I found in your session what for me was the missing link, and that is God.  The way you led the session and brought the presence of God so gently into the heart of the Meditation was for me very grounding and created such a deep sense of connection."

From time to time we run Christian Mindfulness Courses - see here for details:
Christian Mindfulness - 8 week introductory course

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