Wonderful day for carers at Burrswood

12th November 2018

Valerie spent the day at Burrswood under the Care for Carer's scheme that is run by the charity 3H Helping Hands for Holidays.

We are delighted to be working with 3H to offer support for carers via a day of rest and relaxation. Together we have devised a programme where carers can enjoy our beautiful setting and make use of the facilities. 

Carers are looked after, participate in activities, receive treatments as well as having a delicious lunch and tea. It is a time for them.

Valerie spent the day at Burrswood recently. She said "I feel 10 years younger" and was delighted to spend time making this creative tree expressing how she was feeling.

We need you!
Burrswood are currently looking for volunteers to assist with the organisation of these much needed, enjoyable days for carers. Could you spare one day per fortnight to work with the team and help oversee the running of the day? The wonderful feedback from those who have participated makes this a truly fulfilling role. Please call Haritha on 01892 865978 or see all the volunteering roles on offer