Revd Dr Steven Underdown's book is now available.

3rd December 2018

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Living in the Eighth Day: The Christian Week and the Paschal Mystery by Burrswood Chaplain Revd Dr Steven Underdown. 

Based on work done towards his PhD thesis, Steven presents his view that it is only  through this mystery of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection that human beings find their true fulfillment and maturity.  He explores ways in which church communities can establish certain patterns of life and worship – almost aiming for a ‘Holy Week in miniature’ every week -  to enable us to grow in and respond to this divine mystery.  He concludes with an original ‘theology of time’ with particular focus on the Sabbath , contrasting the Jewish Sabbath of rest with the Christian Sabbath of new beginnings.

Call the bookshop on 01892 865996 to place an order.