Partnership with St Lukes Healthcare for the Clergy

1st January 2017

An exciting partnership has been formed between St Luke’s Healthcare for the Clergy and Burrswood. Their joint aim is to offer timely, high quality care (both inpatient and outpatient) to clergy and their families. 

While St Luke’s has transitioned from providing hospital care for clergy into facilitating this, Burrswood has had a long history of providing ‘whole person care’ through a closely integrated team working together for the benefit of each patient.  
Neil Stevenson, Executive Director of St Luke’s says ‘as we continue to develop and define our offerings to the clergy and their families we believe that our partnership with Burrswood is a very positive step forward.  Historically St Luke’s provided post-operative care and it will be wonderful to be able to do this again as well as taking advantage all the other things that Burrswood can offer.’ 
Burrswood commented that ‘we are delighted by this opportunity to further support and work within the Anglican structures, providing those most in need at the forefront of ministry excellent medical and therapeutic care in sympathetic and restful surroundings. The holistic care of the whole person by the interdisciplinary team lends itself to such a partnership. We look forward to welcoming clergy, trusting that this will provide much needed respite, rehabilitation and recuperation as required.’

Whether you are working in a parish, sector ministry, or chaplaincy, the pressures you, and possibly your family experience will have an impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Psychological health is dependent on a blend of factors, often personal circumstances, individual vulnerabilities and work-related pressures.

St Luke’s is launching its telephone counselling service, operated through Burrswood, to address some of the issues individuals face when counselling is required. It is a way of making its services available to a wider audience. Most dioceses now provide a psychological counselling service for its clergy, but for some even though it is confidential, they are not comfortable accessing this service. This may be due to insecurities, lack of trust of the system or time constraints. For others it may be the fear of being recognised in the locality the counselling is offered, or may simply be the practicalities of travelling to the sessions. Telephone counselling can overcome most of these issues, and for many it proves a very successful way of dealing with problems.

St Luke's Telephone Counselling is operated through Burrswood

St. Luke’s has teamed up with Burrswood Counselling Services, part of a Christian organisation, to deliver this vital service. They have experience of dealing with clergy and have provided a telephone counselling service for a number of years. The service is easily and quickly accessible, confidential and fully funded by St. Luke’s. Referral can be by your GP, a St Luke’s Honorary Consultant or by self-referral.

There are 2 simple steps to referring yourself:

Step 1  Ring St Luke's to confirm eligibility on 0207 898 1700

Step 2 Ring Burrswood Counselling Services on 01892 865990 to arrange the initial telephone assessment session.

To find out more about St Luke's Healthcare for the Clergy click here.

In the first instance clergy should contact St Luke’s (