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Burrswood Health and Wellbeing Announcement

News: Burrswood Health and Wellbeing Announcement

5th April 2019

The Dorothy Kerin Trust has been faced with considerable financial challenges for a number of years. More recently the Trust has found itself in an increasingly competitive market for health and social care needs, and it has been unable to generate enough income from its many service streams to meet the heavy cost obligations of running Burrswood. Despite sporadic sizeable single donations and legacies, there has also been a significant shortfall in reaching fundraising targets. On top of th...

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Church Services

News: Church Services

11th March 2019

Everyone is welcome at the services during the week.

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Bespoke Wellbeing Days

News: Bespoke Wellbeing Days

1st March 2019

New Bespoke Wellbeing days - find out more Find a day for yourself or somebody who needs some special time. The day runs from 9.30am - 4.30pm and includes 2 pamper treatments of choice: reflexology, massage,  facial, manicure, pedicure, delicious lunch & afternoon tea in our dining room, a buggy ride tour or walk  in our beautiful grounds plus a therapeutic creative activity. Those who trialled a wellbeing day said that they “left walking on air”, “felt had r...

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News: Days for carers

21st January 2019

At Burrswood we regularly run relaxing days for carers which is organised by the charity 3H Helping Hands for Holidays. These days make a real difference to the carers who come and here are a couple of testimonies that we are delighted to have received recently. "I had such an amazing day here on Wednesday! I had 2 treatments, a very interesting and informative buggy ride around the estate (sadly I wasn't allowed to drive!), a delicious home cooked 3 course lunch and afternoon tea too....

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Benefits of Singing

News: Benefits of Singing

11th January 2019

Our Find Your Voice singing group is now taking place every week on Fridays from 2pm to 4pm. A recent article in The Guardian highlights how listening and playing music can help patients be happier, healthier and more harmonious. All are very welcome to join us.  

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News: Aerial Footage of Burrswood

1st January 2019

We are delighted with this video taken by Paul Burgess Photography and would encourage you to look at his website for many beautiful local photographs.

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Wonderful time at icon painting taster day

News: Wonderful time at icon painting taster day

1st January 2019

"What a wonderful day!  I never expected that I would have the opportunity to learn the techniques of this traditional art form, and to be taught by such a skilled tutor and in the beautiful surroundings of Burrswood was a great privilege. We were each able to make a painting of the face of an icon, using egg tempera which we mixed ourselves, building the image up from “dark to light”.  I  have booked on to the full 5 day course, and really look forward to making ...

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Revd Dr Steven Underdown's book is now available.

News: Revd Dr Steven Underdown's book is now available.

3rd December 2018

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Living in the Eighth Day: The Christian Week and the Paschal Mystery by Burrswood Chaplain Revd Dr Steven Underdown.  Based on work done towards his PhD thesis, Steven presents his view that it is only  through this mystery of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection that human beings find their true fulfillment and maturity.  He explores ways in which church communities can establish certain patterns of life and worship –...

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Donation from Waitrose

News: Donation from Waitrose

29th November 2018

Burrswood was recently a part of the green token scheme at Waitrose in Uckfield and have now been awarded a cheque for £310! Thank you to everyone who voted for us! Your support is very much appreciated.

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"A very special place"

News: "A very special place"

20th November 2018

"This was my second stay at Burrswood, and each time I have felt from the moment I was admitted that I was part of a very special place, where all the staff contributed to the healing of mind and body. I cannot thank them enough. The spirit of Dorothy Kerin pervades the whole lovely building and the beautiful gardens, and the view over the surrounding countryside was a joy every sunrise, sunset and moonrise."  Patient receiving physiotherapy during her two week stay post ...

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