Packed room for MS Information Day at Burrswood

14th April 2018

Star line-up delivers to packed house at Group Information Day.


More than 60 people attended the recent Information Day at Burrswood, organised by the Tunbridge Wells Group of the MS Society and Burrswood Health and Wellbeing. Not only did Dr Susan Kohlhaas*, Director of Research at the MS Society (pictured above), reflect on what the Society has already done – including “investing £155 million into research” – but she also highlighted the Society’s plans for the future. This includes the public phase of its StopMS Campaign, which is looking to raise £100 million in 10 years. She urged everyone affected to sign up to the MS Register ( which aims to increase researchers’ knowledge of what it is like to live with MS.

Dr Saldanha* then reflected on his role as a neurologist and reviewed the treatments which he currently has access too. He also recommended that everyone should take Vitamin D, highlighted the value of physiotherapy, including hydrotherapy, and stressed that the importance of pacing yourself.

Dr Anita Rose had some encouraging advice on building resilience. This does not mean “acting happy all the time but being realistically optimistic”. Dr Rose encouraged Mindfulness and suggested that we set ourselves goals, highlighting that “repeated small successes can make you feel confident”. Something as simple as keeping a daily gratitude journal – noting something every day for which you are glad – can not only raise the spirits but can be used as an effective tool when read on those darker days when it seems like the whole world is against you.

This event was also the perfect occasion to hear an update from the Markus Anderson, a member of the Burrswood physiotherapy team, whose hydrotherapy classes are financially supported by Dr Saldanha and the MS Society. Markus was followed by Kishore Garikipati, Senior Lecturer Physiotherapy at Brighton University. He updated the audience on his current research into the proven benefits of hydrotherapy. With Natalie Homewood on hand with practical advice on Coloplast Intimate Healthcare, this was a packed, useful and informative programme.

*If you would like a full transcript of Dr Susan Kohlhaas’s and Dr Saldanha’s talks please email Diana at the MS Society ( for a copy.

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