Christian Mindfulness Retreat: Making Space for God

From 17th November 2017 to 19th November 2017

This retreat will give simple, practical guidance on a number of mindfulness practices and provide an opportunity for fellowship and to learn together.


FRIDAY 17th November
Afternoon Arrive after 2pm. and settle in.
4.00pm Tea in lounge
4.30pm Eucharist in Lady Chapel (optional)
5.00pm Introductory Session (Lady Chapel)
6.30pm Evening Meal (Dining Room)
8.00–9pm Guided Quiet Time, followed by Night Prayer (Lady Chapel).

SATURDAY 18th November
8.30–9.15am Breakfast (Jacobean Room)
9.45 Christian Mindfulness (Lady Chapel)
10.45am Coffee (Church lobby)
11.15am Mindfulness: Loving Kindness Meditation also called the Prayer of Loving-Kindness
1pm Lunch (Dining Room)
2.00pm Mindfulness in daily life (Lady Chapel)
3.00 Healing Service (Church of Christ the Healer)
4.00pm Tea
6.30pm Evening Meal (Dining Room)
8–9pm Film followed by Night Prayer (Lady Chapel)

SUNDAY 19th November
8.30–9.15am Breakfast (Jacobean Room)
9.45am Mindfulness (Lady Chapel)
11.00 Eucharist (Church of Christ the Healer)
1pm Lunch (Dining Room)
2.30-3.00pm Closing session (Lady Chapel) 

Open to people new to mindfulness and to those with some experience.

Booking Options:
Either join us as a residential guest and enjoy 2 nights at Burrswood on a full board basis costing £104.00 per night per person
Or join us as a day guest for 2 full days costing £66.00 per person (10am - 5pm inc lunch) plus final morning
Call or email our reservations team on or 01892 865988 to reserve your place.