Bountiful - Women's Christian Conference

3rd February 2018

“The conference in a whole is about God given gifts. Delegates can choose to find out what their gifts are and what that means for them, or be encouraged, challenged, inspired and nurtured in the ones they already know about/use.”

Our Director of Spiritual Wellbeing, Rev'd Carol Morrison will be doing the following workshop;

Your Gifts in Your Prayer Life

Creating a lifestyle of prayer that is God inspired, God centred and uses the person God made you to be. We will explore using our individual God given gifts to bring life and resilience to our prayer lifestyle.

We will use creative ways to give variety to how we pray and communicate with God – bringing our whole self to God for continued healing and transformation – ensuring a prayer life that impacts our daily life, bringing us closer to ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).

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