Regular Activities and Social Prescribing

As part of our health and wellbeing offering, Burrswood is committed to providing activities that aid wellbeing and fall under the social prescribing umbrella. We offer a number of these activities including volunteering, arts activities, gardening (soon), group activities, walks and music groups within our site near Tunbridge Wells. Our facilities include many communal spaces, therapy rooms, hydrotherapy pool, cafe, gardens and plenty of free parking. These activities are supported by the charitable donations that Burrswood receives.

Testimonies that we have received:

"Daily activities are very good!!"
"I have enjoyed all the activities this week and look forward to my next visit to Burrswood."
"The poetry reading is very enjoyable. We all stimulate thoughts and ideas in each other. The Angel cards inspired some very interesting conversations.  The singing “Find your voice” was enjoyable and we learned a lot!" 
"I’ve enjoyed all  the activities especially the poetry reading and Angel Cards. Also they enhance social interaction and  helped us all to feel “at home”."
"I’ve really enjoyed the activities this week.  I joined in the card making session on Tuesday with Jackie, she is lovely and gives you ideas while you find your creative self.  I also went to the flower arranging session with her on Friday – we had a wonderful time and each of the displays were different and we had fun chatting to each other.  I joined in Angel words with Paula on Thursday and we had very interesting conversations on the words that we chose, they seemed to flow in to each other.  I hope you carry on with these activities, the hour goes by so quickly and we’ve had a very relaxing time together.  Very healing for minds and spirits and bodies rested!"

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is where GPs, nurses and other primary care professionals refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services. Social prescribing schemes are becoming a popular way to treat individuals who are suffering with symptoms which can be better managed through social interaction than through medication. Research shows that these types of therapies are extremely successful.

All are very welcome. Speak to our Reservation Team on 01892 865988 if you wish to find out more.