Understanding your eating

At Burrswood Health and Wellbeing, we offer therapeutic support and understanding for people who are concerned about their eating patterns.

The ‘Understanding your Eating’ course is aimed at ‘emotional eaters’; helping you to understand that your unhealthy eating patterns may be driven by your emotions. This is not a diet programme and does not offer advice on calorie control. Instead it will offer you a different way of understanding your relationship with food and is designed for those who are looking for a more effective and sustainable alternative to the diet yo-yo treadmill. 

This is a structured programme to help you understand that eating is not just about hunger but is often used as a way of managing feelings.  Our counsellors and psychotherapists are specifically trained

to support you as you seek to improve your self-esteem and quality of life and will work with you to develop healthier coping strategies. Your therapist will provide on-going support as you consider the psychological and emotional impact of food-related issues on physical and mental health, along with the effects on your relationships and social life.

During the programme we will be working with the key concepts of possibility and hope to empower you to work towards your full potential.  We will be encouraging an ongoing positive sense of personal identity and meaning.

Setting out on this journey may evoke challenging and difficult emotions. Therefore, we will help you plan any support necessary following the initial programme.   We do also offer the option of ongoing therapy within our Out-Patients department.  Alternatively, we are able to liaise with any relevant services or practitioners, local to your area. 

The programme will be charged at £315, payable after (but subject to) the initial assessment session. For information about terms and conditions, please contact our counselling and psychotherapy team on 01892 865990 or email counselling@burrswood.org.uk. An application form can be downloaded below.

The programme can be delivered within our Out-Patients department or you can take advantage of our beautiful and tranquil surroundings and stay for our intensive programme.  As the programme consists of 5 structured counselling sessions in addition to 1 assessment session, Residential participants would need to stay a minimum of 6 nights, including all 5 weekdays.  The assessment session will need to take place prior to admission, either face to face or over the telephone.  The charge for the residential package would be the price of a ‘guest’ stay on whatever board basis you choose, in addition to the price of the therapeutic programme.

There is also the chargeable option of an assessment with our physiotherapy team and if appropriate we can also offer physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, swimming, and massage acknowledging the connection between body and mind.

Patient quote:-

"Earlier this year I did the Understanding Your Eating course. I wanted to drop a line to say a big thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend this service.” 

‘Understanding your Eating’ for Counselling Outpatients integrates, under licence, an introduction to the ‘Understanding your Eating’ Programme’, devised by Professor Julia Buckroyd. This is based on her research at the University of Hertfordshire, and on nearly 30 years’ experience of working in the field of disordered eating

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