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Prayer Diary

Please join us in prayer for Burrswood – I believe that God will indeed, bless, guide, inspire and equip us afresh, as we seek to be channels of his love and healing grace to all those we care for in his name.

Every member of every team is vital to all our work and we do our best to be truly united and together in all we are and do:-

Executive team led by Angela Painter
The Care Team – nurses led by Trudy Blackman, physiotherapists, counsellors led by Julie Shannon and chaplains
Operations led by Julie Shannon
The Hospitality Team led by Matt Catlin
The Estates Team led by Graham Anderson
The Marketing and Business Development Team led by Bex Homewood
The Finance Team led by Ian Davis
The Human Resources Team led by Amanda Kelliher

Our many volunteers in all the teams

Please join in praying that God will call the people we need to share in his work at Burrswood and that he will bless and strengthen the team at this time. All enquiries should be directed to HR or click here for more details.

Please click the tab to read our Prayer Diary or if you would like to be sent a copy in the post then please contact us here.


Lord Jesus Christ,
we thank you for calling your disciples to share in your healing work;
strengthen and equip us as we offer ourselves in your love and service;
through your Holy Spirit inspire others to come and share in the outpouring of your love;
we pray especially that you will call nurses and care assistants to strengthen the team at Burrswood,
so that together we may be more effective channels of your love and healing grace.

Burrswood Daily Prayer Cycle


  • Patients and guests
  • Chaplaincy Team
  • Holy Communion – 11 am
  • Reception and Gift Shop – Receptionists
  • Rooms: Cana, Carmel, Sea Green, Walnut and Bethany


  • Executive Group & Administration: Angela Painter and Heads of Departments Team, Accounts, Personnel, Admissions & Secretaries
  • Rooms – Emmaus, Chintz, Willow, Rose and Peach


  • Trustees of the Dorothy Kerin Trust
  • The Friends of Burrswood
  • Burrswood Charity Shop and the commercial ventures run by Burrswood Ltd
  • Applications to Trusts and Foundations – may they be looked on with favour
  • Tuesday Management Team meetings
  • Rooms – Nightingale, Lilac, Sharan, Primrose and Lavender


  • Hospitality and Catering Teams
  • The Book, Gift & Charity Shops
  • All visiting children – that they may be touched by the love of God
  • Rooms – Honeysuckle, Dove, Red & Gold, Maple and Daisy


  • 9.00 am Community Communion
  • Physiotherapy Team
  • Volunteers in all departments
  • The Healing Service – 11.30 am
  • Christian Mindfulness – 3pm
  • All members of the Business Development and Marketing Team
  • Rooms – Poppy, Sunflower, Double Blue, Corner and Acorn Rooms


  • Estate & Gardening Teams
  • Counselling Team
  • St. Peter’s Pool and Outpatient Department
  • Burrswood Cafe – blessing through the food, service and beautiful location
  • Holy Communion – 12 noon
  • Rooms – Robinia, Chestnut, Tudor, Elm, Fern and Dorothy


  • Trudy Blackman, Reablement and Care Lead, and all the Nurses and Care Assistants
  • Conference Centre – for visiting groups
  • Healing Service – 3.00 pm
  • Rooms – Wren, Bishops, Oak, Wisteria, Italian and Pilgrim


May the Spirit guide you as you give thanks and pray for…

Week beginning 2nd Pray for those attending the ‘Find Your Voice’ session – may they find courage as they use their voices in song.

Give thanks for those who take the time to listen to us.

Week beginning 9th Give thanks for the forthcoming Christmas themed creative wellbeing activities.

Pray for the Labyrinth Quiet Day – that those attending will encounter with the God of love as they walk the labyrinth.

Week beginning 16th Pray for people who are apprehensive about the Christmas season – especially the lonely, the addicted and the homeless.
beginning 23rd
Give thanks for the coming of our Saviour Emmanuel – God with us.

Pray that we might be able to make Jesus known to our guests and visitors in a gentle and non-cohersive way – to the glory of God.

Give thanks for the choirs performing this week.

Week beginning 30th As the excitement of Christmas fades may it give way to the joy of a New Year.


Week beginning 6th Give thanks for the hope that a New Year brings and for the ‘Epiphany’, revelation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the HOPE Service as we welcome people with Dementia and theirs companions.

Week beginning 13th As we remember this week the Baptism of Jesus we give thanks for opportunities for new beginnings and the renewing work of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for all those who work in our hydropool and for physical strength for the people who access that service.

Week beginning 20th Pray for the activities provided for physical health and wellbeing – for the different kinds of exercise classes, and for our physiotherapists and Outpatients Team.
beginning 27th
Give thanks for the gift of education and the ability to write – pray for the regular Creative Writing sessions and whole day writing retreats.

Pray that the expression of writing will bring mental clarity and healing.



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