Burrswood Counselling:
‘I thought it was all amazing – supportive, safe, insightful & respectful’

Deon, Maidstone
Since using the hydro pool I've become a stronger person mentally and physically.
Testimonial 1
“A big big thank you for all your kindness, love and caring. Nothing was too much trouble and you went out of your way to accommodate my needs. Burrswood is such a positive place and is a great place to recover. With many many thanks for looking after me so well.”
Testimonial 3

Thank you so much for all your wonderful love, care, attention, food, prayers, time, listening, cleaning – all going above and beyond the call of duty.

Testimonial 4

‘I was grateful to have counselling with (my counsellor). A relief to share my negative feelings. Now I am able to push forward and face new life.’

Counselling client
Dear chefs Thank you so much for the delicious food and variety of the menu. I arrived here with very little appetite, but small portions and lovely flavours have tempted me into eating.
Patient 2016
“We are all together and we are doing whatever we have to do and then go for the coffees and things, and that’s important as well, the therapy session is not just what we do in the pool, it’s everything else we do afterwards”.
Group physio