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I would like to express my gratitude for the loving care everyone at Burrswood gave my late father.

explore our beautiful grounds

There are a set of leaflets available at Reception detailing 4 different walks incorporating Burrswood and the surroundings areas.  Alternatively, they are attached at bottom of this page.  Do come and enjoy the beautiful countryside - not forgetting to visit Burrswood Tea Room for refreshments.  

Burrswood originally formed part of Groombridge Place, which in 1788 was divided between the then owner’s two sons upon his death.  The Burr Wood was then mainly woodland with some farmland, and this estate was purchased by David Salomons in 1832.  He commissioned the young architect Decimus Burton to replace the existing modest farmhouse with a new house shortly thereafter.  The property changed hands several times, ultimately becoming the property of Edwin James Johnstone who had the gardens laid out as they are today.

The gardens immediately surrounding the house now consist of formal borders, terraced areas and lawns which form peaceful and secluded viewpoints, paths, and wonderful views.  Established shrubbery borders form stunning displays of Japanese maples, magnolias, azaleas and rhododendrons in season. On the edges of the gardens mature specimen trees and newly-planted, dedicated trees are scattered amongst less formal lawn settings.

Woodland flanks the formal garden areas and makes up a substantial part of the 120-acre estate. The rest is mixed, managed deciduous woodlands with extensive woodland flora such as wood anemones, primroses, bluebells and snowdrops.  Farmland surrounds the estate.  Deer, badgers, foxes and songbirds flourish throughout.  There are many freshwater springs, which provide Burrswood’s domestic water and supply the ponds, which are stocked with fish and other forms of freshwater life.   

An extensive kitchen garden produces a wide variety of fruit and vegetables for our kitchens and tea room.  The gardens and estate are managed by a team of dedicated gardeners and volunteers.

Looking to the future, the gardens will continue to provide a delightful experience for patients, visitors and guests with further walks, viewpoints and areas set aside for peaceful enjoyment. Former Burrswood volunteer, Anna Fox wrote an article, 'a reflection on Burrswood gardens'.

Click here for details of the Burrswood Prayer Walk in the gardens. The Burrswood prayer walk is based on 10 specially selected hymns. The words of these hymns are displayed at different points around the garden. You are invited to pause at each point and meditate on the verses that speak to you most.

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