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The staff have been exceptional during my stay - their loving kindness made it possible for me to relax and leave anxiety behind

Burrswood Counselling Services -     Compassionate and Effective

Counselling Information

Why counselling? – It’s a form of talking therapy with your choice of one of our male or female, psychologically-trained, professional counsellors, that offers the opportunity for you (or you and your partner) to discuss anything that is difficult, painful or uncomfortable. The counsellor is trained to listen attentively and will look to help you make improvements. On average, 8 out of 10 Burrswood counselling clients who complete an evaluation, report a positive outcome. Don't let common fears stop you from considering counselling - read more here.
Situations where counselling can be helpful – include abuse, anger management, anxiety, bereavement, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), depression, disability, eating problems, health-related problems, loss, ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), obsessions, post-traumatic stress, relationships, self-esteem, self-harm, sex-related issues,  sexuality, spirituality, stress, suicidal feelings, trauma and work-related issues.
Compassion - is at the heart of Burrswood and at the very centre of our approach to counselling. We aim to engender a sense of safety and confidentiality which is essential for the building of trust, which in turn is necessary for expressing difficult feelings. Burrswood seeks to support those of all faiths and none.
Our philosophy - is one of caring for the whole person; mind, body and spirit is reflected in our experience and understanding of how varying degrees of physical, mental and spiritual ill-health may be interlinked, and of how one can impact another. 
Spiritual care - The fullness of human experience can include spiritual health and you may wish to discuss the emotional impact of spiritual problems within your therapy. Burrswood’s counsellors are experienced in working with the psychological impact of these sorts of difficulties. Although there is definitely no pressure to do so, our counsellors are respectful of clients who may wish to integrate prayer within their counselling sessions.  

Recent Quote:
"This has been my first experience of official counselling and I am pleased to say it has been a truly enhancing experience, gently guided by my expert counsellor. I felt safe to express myself and to grow and be equipped with strategies to cope. The quality of the care suitably reflects all other aspects of the unique Christian set-up that Burrswood is; reflecting God’s goodness and love."


Outpatient Services

Counselling at Burrswood is a unique experience - with outpatient counsellors usually available within a few days. 50-minute daytime, evening or weekend appointments can be arranged. We provide a range of outpatient services including Coaching, and our ‘Understanding your Eating’ programme. 
Services in the setting of your choice - Either at Burrswood, in comfortable rooms surrounded by over 100 acres of beautiful woodland and gardens. Or, conveniently, by telephone counselling (or by Skype) in the comfort of your own home or office. 
Clergy or clergy spouse? – We have an arrangement to provide outpatient counselling within the Diocese of Rochester; either at Burrswood or through our network of associate counsellors located within the diocese. A national telephone counselling service is also available to those eligible for funding though St. Luke’s Healthcare for the Clergy
Employer?  - Burrswood’s ‘Counselling for Employees’ service may be of interest as the benefits can be huge. Not only by reducing absence rates but by helping employees return to work following absence, manage stress better, improve resilience, address disruptive workplace behaviour and increase their productivity.

Intensive Counselling 

Need more intensive support? - We are able to provide a range of options for you to receive up to three counselling sessions per week for the short-term. As a client via our Outpatients Department, as patient admitted to our Hospital under our ‘Care and Counselling' package, or as a guest being accommodated in one of our Guest Rooms under our ‘Counselling Guest Package’. 


Face-to-face counselling £45 -Telephone counselling £48 -Couple counselling £55. All services are subject to assessment and counsellor availability.

Next steps

Over 18 and ready to talk? – To arrange a no-obligation assessment session, usually within a few days, or for more information call 01892 865990 or email You can also download an initial enquiry form and email it to or return it to us by post. Daytime, evening or weekend appointments can be arranged.
Burrswood is an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and is bound by its code of ethics, practice and complaints procedure. Burrswood is also an affiliated organisation of the Association of Christian Counsellors.

Patient Quotes
"I had telephone counselling. It worked very well. My counsellor was an inspiration to me and I was able to see things in a different light and in a broader manner of thinking.  It broadened my outlook on the reason for things, or issues, being the way they were. "
‘I am amazed at how the counselling process as Burrswood is so gentle yet effective. With the benefit of hindsight it is incredible to see the progress that can be made. I consider my time spent at Burrswood a blessing and a privilege.’

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We run a variety of events both at Burrswood and at local sites. Updates of recent events can be seen on our News page.

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