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Understanding Your Eating Guest Package

Many allude to the peace and tranquillity of Burrswood. They call it a special place, set-apart from the pressures and stresses of the outside world.  The Burrswood Guest Accommodation offers warm and courteous hospitality and boutique accommodation surrounded by 100 acres of farm and woodland. You are welcome to take full advantage of our superb range of facilities and, if desired, the regular services held in our beautiful Church.

Burrswood is the ideal setting for those seeking a unique approach to addressing ‘emotional’ eating habits. If you would like additional support as you prepare for, or are undertaking, a weight loss programme, our ‘Understanding your Eating’ Guest Package may prove beneficial. 
The ‘Understanding your Eating’ course is aimed at ‘emotional eaters’; people who, at least in part, acknowledge that their overeating or compulsive eating is driven by their feelings. It does not offer dieting, exercise advice, or products. The programme does not tell you what or how much to eat as you probably already know that. Instead it offers a new way to think about food and is designed for people who are looking for an effective and far healthier alternative to the age-old yo-yo diet treadmill. The ‘Understanding your Eating’ Guest Package involves the completion of written exercises which are discussed within five themed counselling sessions:
1. Eating is not just about hunger
2. Eating to manage your feelings
3. Self-esteem and how it helps you look after yourself better
4. Improving body-esteem
5. Using people instead of food to get you through the day
Our counsellors are specifically trained to help you become more informed about emotional eating, and will encourage you to think about the part eating has to play in managing your feelings. They will support you as you seek to improve your self-esteem and body-esteem, and will work with you to develop a better way of coping. Burrswood’s counsellors will provide on-going support as you consider the psychological and emotional impact of weight-related issues on physical and mental health, along with the effects on your relationships and social life.
As a chargeable, optional addition to this package, our Physiotherapy team will undertake assessment and, if appropriate, provide physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, swimming, exercise and massage, together with other regulated complementary therapies. Gentle activities of this sort can help to promote positive connections between body, mind and spirit. 
For some, undertaking the ‘Understanding your Eating’ programme will be the beginning of a journey of challenges and change. Therefore, we will help you plan any support necessary after your stay at Burrswood; for example, organise any further face-to-face or telephone counselling with Burrswood counsellors as required. Alternatively, we can liaise with any relevant services or practitioners, local to your area. 
Please read the following important information carefully:

This package requires a Monday arrival and is for a minimum of 4 nights which includes 5 weekday counselling sessions. Longer stays may be necessary if counsellor availability is limited.
All guest room beds are standard, single divans and are subject to a weight limit of 25 stone.

Hydrotherapy, if requested, is subject to an assessment and a maximum 20-stone weight limit.
Please book physiotherapy & hydrotherapy sessions directly with outpatients 01892 865989 before arrival to secure your preferred timing.  Hydrotherapy is subject to initial assessment to ensure suitability

‘Understanding your Eating Guest Package’ will not offer diets, nutritional supplements or any direct form of weight loss programme. Burrswood is not equipped to treat formally diagnosed eating disorders including binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa. 

Understanding your Eating Guest Package’ integrates, under licence, an introduction to the ‘Understanding your Eating Programme’, devised by Professor Julia Buckroyd. This is based on her research at the University of Hertfordshire, and on nearly 30 years’ experience of working in the field of disordered eating. 
•      The charge is set at prevailing room / board rates plus a supplement of £262.50

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