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I would particularly like to give my thanks to the doctors and nurses for giving me their time and advice.

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Burrswood Health and Wellbeing

Please find below a letter explaining where we are in the process of developing new services and reviewing the way we work. A fuller account of how Burrswood is evolving and the thinking behind these changes can be found in the current edition of the ‘Burrswood News’.  Meanwhile, another document is attached which explains more about our vision for the future. If you have any queries or would like to help towards shaping Burrswood's future, then please contact Rebecca Homewood, Director of Business Development and Marketing, on

Burrswood Health & Wellbeing Letter June 2016

Burrswood Health & Wellbeing Vision Document June 2016

Those of us who are not Christians commit ourselves to respecting Burrswood’s vision, mission and way of life. Our Christian faith perspective is offered, but never imposed, either upon our colleagues or upon those who come seeking our help.

Commission, Mission and Vision Statements

Our Commission: to heal the sick, comfort the sorrowing and bring faith to the faithless in a way that is meaningful, relevant and inclusive in today’s world
Our Mission: transforming lives through whole person care
Our Vision
The love of Jesus Christ will be cherished at the heart of all we do and encountered by all for whom we care.
We will be known throughout the UK and beyond for offering and delivering a world-leading model of care that is both distinctive and universally respected in giving equal importance to body, mind and spirit.
Our financial viability will be assured, so that our openness and accessibility to all who need the care we offer will never be jeopardised for want of resources.

We endeavour to see that
  • all who stay at Burrswood are held in the love of God
  • all who work at Burrswood, whether staff or volunteers, are valued and respected as children of God.

This requires

  • loyalty to the aims set out in the mission statement
  • disciplines and standards of behaviour that promote good relationships
  • willingness to acknowledge our vulnerability and to learn from each other
  • openness, honesty and integrity of speech and life.

“Christian and non – Christian friends have quizzed me about the healing ‘bit’ of Burrswood and all I can say is what I see with my own eyes at Burrswood is remarkable.  I’ve personally felt the love of God through His tireless servants here and, as it was when Dorothy Kerin was working in the hospital, a huge amount of healing is taking place right under our noses”.
Burrswood patient

Events Diary

upcoming exciting events

We run a variety of events both at Burrswood and at local sites. Updates of recent events can be seen on our News page.

The following events are planned for this year. Check for new events and updates!